Jul 9, 2010

Kimchi Coming Out My Nose

We made it back from Korea wednesday. I was there filming a documentary with Combat Films and Research. Great time. A few things I've learned... Seoul is a HUGE city. I don't like Korean cuisine. The Korean people are amazing and very nice people. I still don't like humidity. I look weird with a beard.

Today I went a filmed an interview for another project Combat Films and Research is doing on Sierra Leone and a refugee that now lives in the States. More to come... (i say this when I don't feel like typing. this is one of those moments).

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The Bells said...

hahaha - When you left our house Aaron and I had a discussion about you and your beard. (Yes, this is pillow talk when you are married for 5 years... have late night conversations about your friends' facial hair... we are SO lame.) But we decided you are one of an elite few that can pull off the bald-but-bearded look. We liked it! :)