Jul 26, 2010

I'm A Mormon... Goes Live

So the pieces I edited working with Jared, Tim and Erica have gone live in a new, "I'm A Mormon" campaign on mormon.org. It's always cool and rewarding to see you work at work and in use. There are a lot of good people in the world and this introduces you to a few of them and there are still more to come.

A few others I really like are:
Jeff Decker


Ren said...

Hi, Todd. I live in the twin cities, one of the markets the ads are airing in right now. Ya'll did a great job on them.

Do you know if there's a website that shows the shorter vids that are used in the ads? I checked the church's YouTube channel and googled around but haven't been able to find just the 30 second spots.

Todd Sansom said...

Thanks Ren. I don't know where or if the 30 second spots are available online. I'll ask someone who might now and get back.