Jun 19, 2010

Happy Panda, Minus The Orange Chicken

THURSDAY: We wrapped for the week on the edit with Erica, who I now call Panda, *CLICK ON HER NAME* Tim and Jared. We ended up cutting three 30 second tv spots also. We'll hear back next week with the client's feedback and changes.

FRIDAY: I filmed with Dodge and Scott again. It is a new project being produced by Combat Films and Research. The film is based on a refugee from Sierra Leone, Africa. It was a long interview, 4 hours. And guess who was the only one that stood for the whole thing... yup, me. Its all good. Great interview.

SATURDAY: I ended up running down to Velour at the last minute to film McCall Clark. Cool little venue and a cool, up-and-coming musician with some serious pipes.

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