Jun 8, 2009

iPhone 3G S

Apple announced several new products today, including the new iPhone 3G S--one would assume the 'S' stands for 'sport'. They claim it to be 2x faster and larger, up to 32GB with a host of other functions. Part of the announcement is the new 3.0 software.

All in, I'm a little itchy to get my paws on one. I've loved my iPhone--AT&T, not so much--and would love to have some of the new features and agility of the new phone. I often find myself using my phone to show clients work I have done or rough cuts in the field and in doing, my iPhone--also know as my allPhone--is tapped out on storage. I do love the integration of the mobile me account as it tethers all of my email, contacts, calendars, etc. with my phone and all of my Mac computers.

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