Apr 13, 2009

Filmed The Presets Concert

Jeff called and asked if I'd be a camera filming The Presets concert on saturday. There was a problem with the camera crane and the JVC camera they had so they put my HVX on the jib and I ended up shooting on a Sony EX1. First time and not too bad. It is the worst balanced camera I have ever held, but the image looks pretty nice. These are a few freeze frames from my HVX on the crane.

I must say, I was very impressed with their show. I first hear of them when they were featured on iTunes at the single of the week. They have great stage presence and they are humble, hardworking guys who love music. I'd say my two favorites are Talk Like That and My People

On a side note, when I was walking out of the venue they were out front standing at a cab. Long story short, we saved them the money on the cab and I drove them to their hotel.

A big thanks to Jeff and The Presets for the gig.

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so said...

hiho todd
what's up?
Steve here (tim's boy)
thanks for your comments on our blog
quick question:
I am doing a funky experimental documentary on April 24 friday , do you want to get involved?
I am going to do a "Freestyle Documentary" film about the local band Seve vs. Evan.
Let me know if that is something you would be into.
a no money gig, but could repay favor with equipment or my time on a todd project.
the finished film may be 5 min or 90 min or...?
i am trying to get 4 or 6 hvx 200s rolling
let me know