Oct 30, 2008

Edit, Edit, Edit

I have been editing on an average of about 12 hours a day the last two weeks. Ethan Vincent brought me on board to help him with a recut for Enterprise Mentors International. We hit picture lock today and that felt good. Everyone seems pleased with the final cut.

I've also been at Combat Films about 8 hours a day working on a one hour film. This is the first film I've worked on since the Beyond the Border Series we did a few years back. We are actually finishing the 8th of that series, World Car and plan to run that through online sometime in November.

We also started a 25 Anniversary piece for the David M. Kennedy Center, highlighting Mr. Kennedy and how his life had a global effect.

I did get to the first home match for Real Salt Lake--the MLS Soccer team. It ended in a tie.

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