Aug 1, 2008

Getting Up To Speed

Ok, a few things. First, I did it! I did it and its my dad's fault. I bought an iPhone! I called him a few days ago to see what he was doing and he said, "Buying an iPhone and the Apple store." I can deal with my friends having one, even the ones that don't like Mac's but when my dad bought in...

So I am the happy owner of a black, 16GB iPhone.

Next, I have discovered a worthwhile video site. Not that Youtube, liveleak, metacafe and all the other thousands of video sites aren't worth something. I mean, they are a great way to check out a new band, watch the latest So You Think You Can Dance episode or people telling their life's story, but my discovery is better than them all! It is called Vimeo and here's why its better.

1- A lot of content is HD 720p (in a somewhat compressed flash version).
2- There are compelling short story/documentaries.
3- Its FREE.99 - I started my own page.
4- All the content is very creative and captivating.

... the list goes on.

Here is one short that caught my eye.

3 Seconds HD from Philip Bloom on Vimeo.
Go check out some others.


the hogan's said...

Will you buy me one?

Tom and Julie Bagley said...

Okay Todd, I read your comment on Sarah's blog. IF...I hook you up with "the girl on the back of the banana", AND take you to Jackson Hole next year, AND take you to the next James Taylor concert, you will owe me a couple of iPhones...but I'll do it ALL...just for you (and some iPhone's).