Aug 28, 2008

Best Salami Pizza!

The next time you're in Vienna, Austria make sure you stop by and see Lenny at his pizzeria going on 25 years. A day hasn't gone by that I haven't had a salami pizza and a coke and it never gets old.

His store is on the corner, right off the Alser Strasse U6 stop. Address: Hernalser Gurtel 30, 1090 Wien, Austria. Or call for take out, +43 1 408-3924. Its right where the 221 is in the middle of the map.

Thanks Lenny!

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1 comment:

Beckstrom Bunch said...

Salami pizza huh? Sounds like it could be pretty good (although I wouldn't call myself a salami fan.) Glad you're enjoying your food and I'll see you soon! you want to buy Snowbird season tickets with me? We can buy a book of 10 to share. I think we have to purchase them by the first week of September, so call me when you get home and we can discuss : )