Apr 24, 2008

Apparently a week of music

I was on my way back up from Orem/Provo, where we were filming today, when Cousin Mike (Danny Nappi's cousin) called and asked how bad I wanted to go to Ben Folds. I responded, bad enough to drive there--it was at Saltair. That was that. I dropped the camera, tripod and lights off at Combat Films and drove out to the venue. A great show! I would recommend them in concert. Or at least check out their albums in iTunes.

For now, however, a little taste of the concert. Sorry about the a/v quality. Can't really walk an HVX with a bunch of mics into the concert.

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up north... said...

I'm jealous brother. That would've been sweet. But you better be careful at saltair. Mom and Dad have informed me that you'll probably get shot if you ever go there for a concert.