Mar 29, 2008

Skiing...well, sorta

We went skiing today, Brandon, his sister Mindy and her friend Christina and Nate and myself. At the end of the day the girls were more into sliding down on their backs then skiing on their little footies. Let me share two fine examples. Then Mike and Goink met up with us at Cafe Rio for a little grub. Yum.


Nordhoff Family said...

Sansom! The nordy's have a blog too! You can talk to us in the blog world now. our link is

Nordhoff Family said...

What are you talking about? Your link is on our page? How could we not have Sansom on the Nordy page? Come on now. Are you coming on Friday?

The Pizza Family said...

HELLO!! Hey we have decided to make our blog private.. email me your email address so we can invite you! What a great way to stay intouch with each other!!

email me at


capricentyler said...

Yo yo!! Toddster... Long time! How the heck are ya? Did Syd get ahold of you? She asked for your digits for perhaps a wedding film! Hope all is awesome!

Sara said...

Hola! gracias por tu visita a mi blog, yo te visitaré más veces, me parece interesante.

un saludo