Sep 18, 2007

Thank you all for your concern. After my most recent post i received a few emails and phone calls checking in on me. As luck would have it, my most serious relationship manages to break up with me twice in one week. I called Nordy and asked him if this is how women are. If this is how his wife is. He gave me some tips/advice and sent me on my way. So as it stands, I have a girlfriend, again. The same one. We'll see what tomorrow brings. hahaha

That wasn't the only thing to cause me grief as I started the week. I upset a client, we won't get into who or why other than they are great people and have forgiven me of my, error.

So at the end of the first day, that started bad, things couldn't be better.

Now I'm at Combat Films, just back from lunch and ready to get back to editing.

No pictures today. I haven't really had time. Oh, maybe later i'll treat you with the story about the roommate Brandon and I had for 3 days.

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